Ascendam pods are manufactured as a kit of parts in the UK, which are flat packed and containerized for easy shipping efficiency. The Kit is easily assembled, usually within one day.


UV air purifiers are the answer to achieve biologically and, or chemically clean air. RAMFA units have integrated this UV purification technology into its air recovery and cooling system to ensure a sanitary environment as possible. 


RAMFA units have a built-in nebulizing sterilizer designed to sanitize people entering the facility. Its automatic function is to spray them with a fine mist head to toe with a non-harmful chemical to prevent anyone from spreading or contracting viruses.


Self-sanitizing technologies are integrated into the internal wall panels with infrared mounted thermometers at entrances and UV air purifying systems in the air filtration and cooling system.

Technology, power sources, and waste management systems are integrated into the units, which are also prewired and plumbed. RAMFA units offer a good useable footprint.


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Medical Centres

There is a global requirement for COVID-19 testing and vaccination rollout where the facilities are safe for the doctors and nurses and which allow for a high volume of the patients to enter safely without spreading or contracting the virus.

RAMFA units separate the area between the health care professionals and patients with reinforced screens whilst allowing blood to be taken or vaccinations to be administered. 

Patients enter through a nebulizing machine that sprays them with a non-harmful, non-toxic chemical, similar to saltwater, that sterilizes against any potential viral threat being brought into the facility. 

RAMFA units will be useful for all types of testing and vaccinations beyond COVID-19, including HIV and cancer screening, malaria testing, and all types of vaccinations. 


Growing demand for early detection of several diseases is anticipated to drive the clinical laboratory tests market. For instance, biochips are used for preparing thousands of DNA, RNA, or protein samples that can be processed on a single chip at the same time.

RAMFA units are designed to be configured with back-office laboratory modules that can accommodate testing of COVID-19 and other viruses and illnesses. This can allow companies, governments, and charities to set up laboratory facilities where they find the need. 


Vaccine Cold Storage

Fridge and freezer temperature monitoring and data logger alarm management are important tasks for effective storage.

Our temperature monitoring system offers security and alerts if the temperature drops or product is at risk.

RAMFA units are designed for easy access for goods in by lorry and waste materials out as well for smooth running of high volume vaccination. 

As well as requiring cold temperatures to protect vaccination, some vaccines are very sensitive to light and lose potency when exposed to it. Such vaccines should always be protected against sunlight or any strong artificial light, and exposure should be minimized. Our cold storage units protect vaccines from both heat and UV and have a reliable hybrid power source that is powered by both battery and renewables.

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