We are a London based company, established in 2012, that creates flat-pack, container, and road transportable rapid assembly medical facilities (RAMFA). These units are for industries where it is important to substantially reduce harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and airborne mold spores. 

We incorporate the latest technological advances, such as UV, Titanium Dioxide and Nanotechnology, to ensure the most sanitary environment for pop-up labs, COVD-19 testing facilities, fast-build quarantine, hospital and vaccination, and immunization facilities, particularly as an endpoint facility in the cold storage chain.

We understand your design needs.


The units are easy to erect, versatile in their configuration and usage, and self-sustainable. Incorporating photovoltaics, heat recovery units, and other green tech to allow for remote, off-grid deployment.


Ascendam's RAMFA pods have been designed to service pharmaceutical and vaccination companies and construction, mining, and farming companies who wish to test their employees for COVID-19, malaria, and other viral infections.

Our units are used for testing and immunization rollouts

They also support charities such as The Red Cross, UNICEF and Oxfam

Our Team

The Ascendam team is made up of experts with over 100 years of combined experience in design, engineering, MEP, sustainability, procurement, and logistics and is headed by Michael Shaw.

Michael has over 40 years of experience in property design and development and product innovation. He is the co-founder of award-winning developer Pent Developments, a market leader in prefabricated rooftop development.

Michael has been using off-site construction methods for land reclamation projects, disaster relief systems, award-winning remote self-sufficient accommodation units, and floating hotels for over 20 years.

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