Stiltt 200/ Bio-pod Luxury Residential/ Holiday Home 200 m2 (2,150 sq ft) internal area  Up to 3-4 bedroom duplex house Dynamic options include rotation   Ascendam residences offer a far higher specification and depth of design than the market has previously seen.  Every component is individually designed in computer 3D CAD to ensure optimum engineering performance and then the entire virtual model is subjected to climatic, wind tunnel and even earth quake simulations.  Sustainability features are integrated within the fabric of the building for maximum efficiency and minimum visibility.   Internally, the outfitting is to yacht standard, with sumptuous fabric, leather and timber finishes.  The structure uses advanced composites for lightness and exceptional strength, in combination with top quality external materials (copper, zinc and bronze) for minimal maintenance and maximum performance life. Modern materials and production techniques have had a massive impact on the quality and performance of familiar everyday items.  From phones to cars, everything is connected and customised to suit owner preferences.  And yet our homes, which are often our most expensive purchases, lag behind in a time warp that reflects the values, lifestyles and construction concepts of centuries ago.  With every new generation of consumer product we have come to expect more.  Isn't it time we did the same with our homes? Even the best conventionally constructed buildings are subject to some degree of variation during construction, which means that many components have to be trimmed and adjusted on site, to compensate for the inaccuracies of previous stages.  If no two buildings share the same geometry, the economies and quality benefits of series production can't be fully realised.  If your car needed a replacement door you wouldn't have a new one specially made to measure and this simple logic is central to the Ascendam design philosophy.  Customer advantages include exceptional quality and rapid site assembly but, as importantly, the ease of rapid "plug & play" replacement of components and interiors throughout the lifetime of the building.  Dimensional accuracy ensures that components are interchangeable between buildings and can therefore be refurbished many times over, before components need to be recycled back to raw materials.      Stiltt 70 Eco-Tourism/ Hotel Suite 70 m2 (750 sq ft) internal area  1-2 bedroom luxury suite