Landowners Creating profit from difficult sites   Our designs can unlock development potential and value in land that is otherwise marginal, so we are interested in working with partners that can assist the process.  Our collaborative approach spans the entire development cycle, working with landowners, financiers, constructors, technology suppliers and even other development companies.  Alignment of interests is key to our business ethic, ensuring a better outcome for all concerned.  Most commercial enterprises realise the advantages of forging long-term relationships with their markets, developing a definitive brand identity and communicating product benefits to their end customers.  With a few notable exceptions, development companies are often less effective in communicating their brand identity and the relationship with the end-user is often short-lived, terminating when the keys are handed over. Other industries, such as motor manufacturers, go out of their way to build a relationship with the customer, in the knowledge that sustaining the relationship throughout the product life will result in a happier customer and the real possibility of repeat business.  Given the unique design and high quality components used in Ascendam properties, we are naturally well placed to provide periodic service support, refits and eventual replacement of components.  By providing an ongoing service support, owners have the comfort of knowing their property will receive expert ongoing maintenance and updates, to ensure optimum performance and resale value.     Investors Reduced risk, enhanced returns Real Estate Developers Adding sparkle to plans & profits   Custom Constructors A platform for custom production