Residential Luxury Residential Building a house from materials usually associated with marine and aerospace construction is unlikely to result in the cheapest price, but it will certainly result in a far superior structure   Ascendam provides residential construction solutions that enable the development of locations where conventional construction techniques are often impractical.  By specialising in this sector we provide a unique service to landowners and stunning properties for people to live and holiday in. Sustainability lies at the heart of our business and our environmental ideals encourage planners and partnering land owners to allow us access to fantastic, unspoilt sites in the knowledge they will remain that way, due to minimal site contact.   Many exceptional locations have no mains services and it would be both impractical and inappropriate to carve through the landscape to provide them, but that doesn't mean turning back the clock to a more primitive lifestyle.  With sustainable technologies becoming increasingly efficient and cost-effective, a tipping point has been reached where properties in many parts of the world can be fully independent and run off- grid.  This self-sufficiency can deliver power, water and waste management functions that are the equal to mains services, but without the potential logistical problems and costs of centralised service provision. The use of modular assembly methods ensures faster and often more cost-effective construction than with conventional construction in challenging locations and where site access is a problem, complete house-sized structures can often be delivered to site by sea or even helicopter* (*Stiltt 75 & 200 models).   Our projects share an ambition to raise the bar in design and construction to exceed expectations. Holiday Homes Holiday/ Second Homes The joy of owning a home away from the crowds can be tempered with the headache of monitoring and maintaining it   Tourism Eco-Tourism/ Hotel Suites Operators are constantly trying to differentiate themselves in a crowded market and are on the lookout for premium experiences that will provide higher margins    Disaster Relief/ Student Permanent Flat-pack Solutions The combined effects of natural disasters and world conflicts continue to create the need for relief solutions, but tents and short-term measures are not enough