Microalgae Lamp Absorbs 150- 200 Times More CO2 than a Tree! Ascendam designs and builds spectacular and sustainable luxury accommodation that can be located in even the most challenging locations.    We achieve this with unique designs that are able to occupy sites where conventional construction techniques are not appropriate, providing land arbitrage opportunities and creating value from otherwise marginal land.  Such sites include mountainous steep slopes flood plains, beaches, lakes, rivers and seas. A Light Footprint Our designs seek to reduce the size of the ground-level footprint to the minimum to ensure that the natural beauty and ecology of a site remains as undisturbed as possible.  Ground works and foundations are reduced and wherever practical these are designed for ease of removal at the end of the building life.  Advanced Engineering & Construction We use advanced materials and engineering to create exceptionally strong, durable, yet lightweight structures.  Modular components are pre-fabricated under ideal factory conditions for maximum quality, performance and reliability.  Sustainability The use of super-insulation and high efficiency power, water and waste systems means that in many locations buildings can be self-sufficient, running completely off-grid.      Creating value through sustainable development